Thanks! We’re off to …

… our honeymoon. But I can’t reveal where as Brangien still doesn’t know where we’re headed. All I can say is that it’s a road trip in the camper van, and we’re staying in the Northwest to keep drive times in check. In the meantime, here are the unedited pictures from the magic photo mirror at the wedding (the light was low and the results are murky, but interesting…we’re choosing to think of them as arty).

Many, many thanks are due to specific folks for helping out. I’ll start listing people here later today … (after we pack).

But here are the haikus!

Brangien’s Haiku:
Ours has never been
a flowery affair, but
so sweet. I pick you.

Daniel’s Haiku:
Life without you would
Be okay … but just okay
Forever Braniel


2 thoughts on “Thanks! We’re off to …

  1. scheffer says:

    so much fun it hurt. wish I had taken a peek at this site earlier…me so dumb. everything was pure joy. and everyone danced. that is irregular from my recent experience. me thinks this is due to the extraordinary dj… you have to thank him extra for keeping it interesting. I never found someone that didnt want to get out there…lovely wedding and so much laughter. wish I saw you guys more. feels lonely back here at home…well, maybe no lonely but bit emptier…alaskan withdrawal is a bitch. have fun not checking your email for week…schef and susan out@@@

  2. MOB (Mother of Bride) says:

    Brangie and Daniel: So proud and happy to be a part of your stupendous wedding. What a wonderful way to start,rather, enhance a life together. Loved the ceremony, loved the toasts, loved seeing your many friends so happy for you.

    I was honored to do the flowers for the wedding, and want to express thanks to our blended family for helping me pull together your vision: Cousins Mary Mikell (Baton Rouge, LA), Susan Hastings (Charlottesville,VA), Sister Amy (Lawrence, KS), Sister-in-law Lori (Kansas City, KS), Brangie’s stepmom, Joann (LA), with special thanks to Brangie’s second sister, Archer(LA) with her special eye for finishing touches. Must not forget the Officiant, Candida (Takoma Park, MD) who turned out to manage a mean broom and dustpan. And finally her son Walker (LA) and my sweet husband Terry for all the loading and toting.

    Have a relaxing week. Love you Momcat

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