Braniel Music

The home recording studio is serving us well. In between (and sometimes during) dinners, yardwork, streaming TV series, weekends and cats we manage to record songs together. Our songs are often short as that’s as far as our abilities currently take us. But it’s worth the effort as it serves as our version of family activity. We don’t have a swimming pool or a trampoline. We haven’t been doing game night this year (we should probably start that up again), but we have been sitting down to talk about lyrics, arranging tunes and singing in the mic together. I typically record most the music, although Brangien has picked up the flute again and handed off a few song ideas in vocal form which I will build an entire song. I’ve also been inviting Davis Martin over to replace temporary drum loops with real drums.

The goal is to put out an album that we’re proud of and is downloaded by at least 50 friends, family and acquaintances.

Here’s an early shorty from Braniel:

A rough draft of a potential tune:

Two songs we sang on last year:

A song I plan to remix w/ Michael Cozzi:


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