Currently on display at our house …

Pottery Head


A pottery head by Linda Kabakjian




Space Needle decanter from the 1962 Seattle’s World Fair

IMG_7614Brangien’s cousin paints her ex-husband’s ex-wife.







IMG_7610 IMG_7608 IMG_7606 IMG_7604 IMG_7602 IMG_7600 IMG_7598 IMG_7596 IMG_7594 IMG_7592 IMG_7590 IMG_7588 IMG_7586 IMG_7584 IMG_7582 IMG_7580 IMG_7578 IMG_7576 IMG_7573 IMG_7572 IMG_7570 IMG_7568 IMG_7566 IMG_7564 IMG_7560 IMG_7558 IMG_7556 IMG_7554 IMG_7552 IMG_7550 Bear Tree Lotus Baby Bruce Lee Red Bananas Keyboard Lounge Da Bears Mollenkamp 1 Gauguin Mashed Potatoes IMG_7530 Cuban Head Buffalo Impala Surfers Diem Chau IMG_7518 Maktub Clock Two Colors Stop Talking Onion Ham of Envy Inkwell Jerk Cake Rose 2 Rose 1

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