Three Weeks and Counting

Greetings all! We are three weeks away from the big day, and thankfully our plans are falling into place nicely. Please check back here closer to the 26th for any and all late-breaking news.

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about WHAT TO WEAR, and more specifically, WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE LIKE? Sadly, we can’t answer the latter, except to say: Layers are always a good idea in Seattle. It could be a scorcher or it could be cold or it could be raining or it could be gorgeous. This is the exciting part about fall in Seattle! Once again: layers.

As to how fancy said layers should be, that’s up to you. One of us will be wearing a tux, and the other will be wearing an ivory dress. Since it’s Seattle, pretty much anything goes for guest attire, but something a little spiffy would be delightful. As long as it’s comfortable for dancing!


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